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The Windows Automatic Multimonitor Wallpaper Changer 2.3 is ready for you. A lot of features have been added. Images, image collages, motivational quotes, easy custom template design tool. Totally free, no spam, no adds, clean installer or zip file. Even more features? Ask for them!!



My tools, your tools

Why WP Changer? Basically I got tired of looking other people photos and I wanted to have the chance to define several collages to fill them later with photos or motivational quotes. I wanted multimonitor support (1 image extened across all my dispalys, different collages for each display). I wanted to be able to see the previous collages and to easily locate the images used to change them or ignore them. I've found nothing to do this, then I built it.



Take a look below for important highlights you’ll find in this sofware. Do you want more info, to report a bug or suggest a feature? Simply fill out a short form at the bottom of the page.


  • Customize file(s) and/or recursive folder(s) as source data

  • Customize file(s) and/or recursive folder(s) to be excluded

  • Change the wallpaper when windows or the program starts

  • Change the wallpaper every a configurable quantity of minutes and/or hours

  • Auto start with windows

  • Multi-monitor support (see Unique features for more info)

  • Random o sequential image selection

  • Configure the app to use the same image in all displays or extend the image to all displays

  • Preview

  • Like it so far? Read the Unique features then!


  • Changes the logon windows to match the main desktop wallpaper.

  • Smart multi-monitor support (tested with 3 so far):

  • Auto change when a display is plugged or unplugged

  • Auto change when a display is moved in the display array.

  • Extended images supports many displays with different resolutions and defaced displays.

  • Collage configuration (see below)

  • Auto configuration based on the individual image sizes

  • Auto change when any display resolution is changed

  • Collage: why displaying only one image? why not showing 2,5, even 40? you can easily customize how many images will be shown, their distribution, a pattern or solid backgrounds and add a colorized border to the frames. The program will fill the frames with your pictures. You'll love it!

  • Many collages: why having only one collage? configure many collages and let them play random!

  • Some Collages are preconfigured and some basic background patterns are provided.

  • Recent wallpapers and files used: View, exclude it (or its folder) or use it again.

  • Random feature does not repeat the files until all of them have been shown.

Other features, comments:

  • Does not requires any runtimes, just the installer or the zip file

  • Tested with Windows XP, 7 and 10

  • With a few tweaks you can make it work on Windows 7 Starter.

  • No Ads

  • No internet connection is required nor used by the program



Please send your message, feature request, bug report. Let me know about your experience with this tool.

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